v0.7 Release Complete

Well, I’m glad to say that another release is over and done with. I’m past the half way mark with only 3 more releases to go before the end of the semester comes around. This release I decided to focus entirely on bug 459727. I think I’ve made some significant improvements this time around. I outlined my goals for this release and was able to complete all of them, which is very pleasing. I also implemented a small fix that I didn’t outline in my goals. Hopefully, this patch is good enough to get approved. The most noticeable improvement was being able to load more entries onPageLoad according to the user’s screen size.

I also want to take the opportunity to announce that my patch for hg annotatet (0.5 release) has been added to hg_templates so hg.mozilla.org should be getting the speed boost pretty soon.

The following are the important links from this release:

Overall, I would say that this has been a satisfactory release. I’ve achieved my goals and improved my patch significantly. The most satisfactory part was fixing the onPageLoad problem that has been bothering me for a long long time. Just that fact fills me with great satisfaction.

Note: Please have a look at the project page for more details

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