v0.7 Release Goals

It’s time for another release for hgweb. I had thought about working on a new feature this release by I’ve decided to push that back to the next release. This time around I completely want to focus on one bug, getting pushloghtml to show more than 10 entries at a time.

Why? Well, I’ve put out multiple patches for this bug and it’s still not perfect. I realize that in software development bugs will always pop up somewhere but I’m just not satisfied with where my solution for this bug is right now. I really want to push for a complete solution this time around. The following are my goals for this release:

  • The function which retrieves the total amount of entries in the database, getMaxEntries() is causing the browser to freeze. Find a solution for this problem
  • Initially only 10 entries are displayed which means that the scroll bar doesn’t show up and thus more entries can’t be loaded since the OnScroll event doesn’t get called. Solve this problem by dynamically loading enough entries, according to the users screen size, until the scroll bar appears. I’ve tried various solutions for this problem, none of which have worked well so far. I want to solve this once and for all
  • I’ve discovered a weird bug (I seem to have a weird talent of discovering obscure bugs) when displaying merge changesets. Some of them are not being displayed at all. Find a solution for this bug
  • I’ve noticed another possible bug with merge changesets where, sometimes the last entry in a merge changeset is repeated in the next entry. Now, is this is a bug or not? Note sure. I need to investigate
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