v0.8 Release Goals

Here we are, another release in the making. I’m going to change things up slightly this time around. I’m gonna work on a new bug just to mix things up. Admittedly the bug isn’t something very big but I just wanted to work on something new. Along with taking up a new feature I’m going to be improving my onScroll bug even further. I wanted to have it done and over with but there is still room for improvement. I’ve decided to look at this situation from another perspective. I mean this is what incremental development is all about, making small but significant changes and putting usable code out there. I think that is the goal of this entire course, releasing constantly and making improvements as you go. I want to stay true to that philosophy. Anyway, the following are my goals:

  • Implement an intuitive UI for the changeset query. Apparently many people don’t know that this query exists because currently there is no UI for it.
  • Fixing the repeating bug with merge changesets. I know I had said that it wasn’t a bug with my code but it seems I was wrong. I need to re-examine some of my server side code. Ted has given me some feed back to get me on the right track.
  • Coding style changes are needed with the onScroll patch to make it consistent with the rest of the code. I’ll be looking to change the variable names too. Currently the code isn’t very clean and readable it seems. Also, I’ll be looking to reduce even more code (and retain functionality), if possible.
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