v0.9 Release Goals

The end of the semester is approaching rapidly (only 2 weeks left) and so is my time here at Seneca. I can’t believe 4 years have gone by so fast. No time to think about my time after graduation though. I’m in engulfed in work right now, a typical situation this late in the semester. Anyway, it’s time for yet another release.

This time I’m not going to touch my major bug. Instead, I’ll be making changes to three other bugs this time around. I’ll be revisting one of the bugs that I fixed last semester (files touched). It had been approved for a long time now but the patch never got applied to the repo and it seems to have bitrotted now. The next bug I will be tackling is the changesetUI one for which I need to make some changes. Last but not the least, I’ll will take on a new bug regarding line breaks for long messages. The following are the goals for this release:

  • Files touched – Update the patch to make it work with the new code in hgpoller and hg_templates. Also move the all the css to a stylesheet.
  • Changeset UI – ted reviewed the patch that I submitted for this bug and he doesn’t want me to set the value when the drop down changes. This would mean that whatever the user has already entered would be overwritten. I guess it makes sense, since you want to avoid that from a usability standpoint. Also I will look to re-write the code to take advantage of jquery which has been added to the repo now. Furthermore, there is another query for the pushlog that takes in two pushids. I will be adding that to the drop down list as well.
  • Line breaks turned into spaces – When a long message is displayed in the pushlog the linebreaks are not registered. My goal is to only show the first line and then show an ellipsis link that the user can click to show/hide the rest of the message that has the line breaks.

Fun stuff! Time to get to work!

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