v0.8 Release Complete

I’ve finished another release for DPS911. I’m glad that I got to work on something different this time around along with the older stuff that I have been trying to improve.  The changeset query is quite useful but very hidden right now. I think with the fix for this bug more people should start using it. I’ve also made some major changes to my onScroll patch. I think the code is looking much better now. Readability has definitely increased, at least from my point of you.

Furthermore, I tackled a major problem with displaying merge changesets. Earlier, I had thought that it wasn’t occuring because of my code but I was wrong. I’ve put out a fix which seems to fix the issue. I’ll have to wait for a final word from ted to know for sure though, since he has more knowledge than me when it comes to how merges work in Mercurial. Anyway, without further adieu the following are the important links from this release:

The patches have been posted, a total of three. More information can be found on the project page.

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