v0.9 Release Complete

All the goals for my v0.9 release have been accomplished and thus another release comes to an end. Looking back I ended up using quite a bit of jquery to fix my bugs. In the process I learnt some new things about the library that I didn’t know beforehand, such as how $(document).ready() works. The guys over at jquery have definitely done some good work.

Files touched

This patch had bitrotted as the pushlog had gone through a variety of changes since I had submitted it way back in 2008. Now, it is up to date and raring to go. I will most probably have another iteration for this patch though, where I add expand/collapse functionality to it. Although, I’ll have to get clearance from ted first though.

Changeset UI

Ted gave me an r- review since he didn’t like that I was removing what the user had entered in the text boxes if another item was selected from the drop down list. Also, he wanted the drop down list to remember which query type was last executed. I’ve managed to get both these features working and I also altered the code to take advantage of jquery, which is now available in hg_templates.

Line breaks turned into spaces

This was the new bug that I tackled this release. First of all I wanted to keep the line breaks instead of have them turned into spaces. I managed to do that. Next, I had to implement expand/collapse functionality for any commit messages that had more than one line break. Since I had experience doing this with another bug; I quickly managed to get this functionality working.

The following are the important links for this release:

The patches have been posted to their respective bug pages. Please view the project page for further details.

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