v0.3 Release Complete!

My v0.3 release has finally come to an end along with the course. Throughout this release I have put out a total of 7 patches spread over 3 bugs and wrote 13 blog posts (not including this one). I have put in hours and hours of work and communicated with various Mozilla community members linked to my project. It has been grueling and fun at the same time. Sometimes I struggled while other times I triumphed. Some of the better moments in the past couple of weeks was the news that my patch for bug 448707 was approved on my very first try and my patch for bug 445560 was also approved after a few adjustments. I felt extremely happy to see something that I had worked on go live. Everyday Mozilla users will utilize these features and that gives me a sense of pleasure. This sort of feeling is the reason I put in all those hours of blood and tears these past few weeks and throughout the length of this project.

For this release I think I have fulfilled the goals I set out to complete. I blogged regularly, kept my project page up to date and put out various patches for all my bugs that required them. I went back and fixed problems with the patches for my v0.2 release. I was also able to implement a new feature for hgweb, the graph view, which the community wanted to see. It was the type of thing that was very different from the other bugs that I worked on. This one required knowledge of drawing graphics with JavaScript, something I hadn’t even thought about doing before I took this on. I think I definitely challenged myself with this release as the means to this feature were entirely alien to me beforehand. To view all the features implemented/fixed for with my v0.3 visit my project page.

I’ve released my final version for this course and now everything is in the hands of the Mozilla elders. They will have a look at my patches and decide if they are worthy. Only time will tell if they are…

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