v0.2 Complete

“Takes a deep breath”

Well, I’ve finally completed my v0.2 release. I have to say that it has been tough and grueling. Throughout this period I have struggled to get things done countless times. I’ve hit the proverbial brick wall on so many occasions that I feel like I’m part of the wall now (the wall is like the annoying neighbor that won’t go away). Open source is definitely the course I have spent the most time on this semester. I’ve spent countless hours on this release (I’m guessing around 50-60hrs, at least it feels like that but I may be way off). But don’t get me wrong here. I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed myself too. These projects are hard and they will take time to complete. I know and accept that. I am getting better at working with my project too as with everyday that passes I feel I am more confident about my work.

I plan to release the patches for my 3 tasks (view here) tomorrow morning. They will all get reviewed by the Mozilla elders and I hope they get accepted. But, I am not naive. I don’t think they will get accepted immediately. This will be my first time providing a Mozilla patch and so I am sure that I probably have done something that they will not agree with. This is fine. It is all a learning process. Even people that have years of experience can get their patches rejected. Such a thing will not deter me if it happens.

ted, jorendorff and djc have been very helpful. Whenever I have had a question they have guided me onto the right track. Just have a look at my project page to see how many times I have discussed something with them.

We have less than a month left till the semester ends and I need to decide quickly on what I will be working on for my v0.3 release. At this moment I am too exhausted to decide. I will probably make my decision very soon so that I can get going on it. There isn’t much time left. Look out for a future blog post explaining what I will be doing.

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