v0.3 Release – Problem with my Patch for bug 445560

I had a discussion with ted today relating to my patch for bug 445560 for the pushlog. There seems to be a slight problem with it. When there are 2 merges on one page, if one clicks the second expand link, it shows those changesets, but the row with the [Expand] link disappears (example of the problem). This is a problem that we don’t want happening.


Currently I’m using the date as a unique identifier (view here for full details) but if somehow (very unlikely, but possible) two rows have the same date then there will be a problem, which is the case with the example linked above.


This problem can be solved by using the id as the unique identifier instead of the date. This will work because each changeset has a different id and each set merge changesets have the same id so it will allow one to identify all the merge changesets to hide on a page and not hide the ones that shouldn’t be hidden.

I will be putting up a new patch to fix this issue.

Edit: I didn’t read the comments (comment #6) that ted put on bug 445560¬†for my patch before I made this post. There is another problem that he identified, which I need to fix. Apparently I’m not allowed to have multiple elements with the same id so I can’t be putting my unique identifiers in the id of the tag. ted recommended putting them in the class of the tag which is what I will be doing. Look out for a new blog post explaining the code.

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