Looking Forward to v0.3 Release

The end of the semester is approaching fast and so the due of my¬† v0.3 release. I’ve had a talk with jorendorff about what I should do for my next release. We discussed working on the ability to filter by file/directory or a graph view for the pushlog. In the end we decided that working on a graph view for the pushlog would be a pretty amazing thing to work on.

Dirkjan Ochtman (djc) has already done some work on this graph view feature which you can see here. So now my job is to adapt and adjust the work done by djc for the pushlog. At this point I can’t really say how hard or easy this is going to be. All I know is that this feature would be quite awesome to have as far as the users are concerned.

I also will be looking to make fixes to the patches I submitted for my v0.2 release as the reviews come in.

With all the other assignments I have due the time to work on my v0.3 release isn’t too much so I need to be efficient with my work. Here’s hoping things go well…

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