Looking Forward to v0.2 Release

The date for my v0.2 Release is approaching rapidly and it’s time that I decide on what exactly I will be working on. After a good bit of thought I have decided that my best option is to work on the following:

  • Continue working on bug 459727 to make pushloghtml show more entries onScroll
  • Add a fix to ted’s patch for bug 445560 so that when the user clicks on a particular [Expand] link it only expands the changesets belonging to it and not all changesets on the page.
  • Add functionality to show which files were touched by a changeset and roughly the size of the diffs. Maybe add onMouseOver functionality to show it in an unobtrusive way.

I think adding these 3 features will be more than enough for v0.2 release in terms of work load. I have already spent countless hours working on theĀ  first 2 features. Also I think these 3 features will benefit the community the most by improving the core features of the pushlog. I’ve consulted with jorendorff on this and he seems to agree that these 3 features would be good enough for my next release.

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