A Simple Extension to fix Firefox’s tab functionality

For this week’s lab humph asked us to create a simple extension that fixes the tab functionality of Firefox. Right now without any extensions when one opens a new tab for firefox it gets placed at the end, not right beside the current tab. The goal of the extension is to make it so that when one opens a new tab it gets placed right next to the current tab.

This is a very simple extesion and thus only has 4 files:

  • addtabbeside.js – Performs the needed functionality
  • install.rdf – Needed extension file
  • chrome.manifest – Needed extension file
  • overlay.xul

Frankly, Firefox should have this functionality built in. Most people have tons and tons of tabs open at any one time and having to go to the end of the list to get the new tab is just annoying. Even Internet Explorer has the same functionality but the good thing about Firefox and open source is that one can fix/change something that one dislikes just as I have done with this extension.

You download this extension here. Just click and drag it into firefox and the install sequence should start up. Please make sure to rename the file to Addtabbeside.xpi instead of Addtabbeside.zip

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