My Gym Adventure – Day 1

After years of procrastinating I’ve finally decided its time to get my body in shape. I want to rid myself of my “healthy”, cough overweight appearance. So yesterday I made my first trip to the gym with my house buddy. He and I are are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to physical appearance. He’s as skinny as someone can be while I’m definitely not. Nonetheless both our goals are the same, to sculpt a better body and develop a healthier life style. Now I know that things will change slowly and miracles will not happen overnight. I’m hoping for steady progress. I think I am mentally prepared for this journey. We shall see…

I intend to write my experiences on here, good or bad. Here goes…

We dragged ourselves out of bed this morning, the most difficult task of all in my opinion. I’ll share a little secret with you, I am surely not a morning person. I hate it getting up early to the core! But if I am to improve things I have to bite the bullet and get my rear end out of bed at 6:45 in morning as I did yesterday. We took the long walk to the University gym, a giant structure with any sporting facility that you might desire.

I am trying to follow the stronglifts beginners strength training guide. I hope that it is a good guide. The site looks popular but as a beginner to strength training I am not really sure if it is adequate or not. We shall see I suppose…

So on the first day I tried Workout A involving squats, bench press, barbell rows and dips. I did almost all of the exercises without any weights. As the site suggests it is first important to get your form correct and then add weight later on. Even without any extra weights I found the exercises daunting

Squats 5×5 Completed without any extra weights (intermediate)
Bench Press 5×5 Completed without any extra weights (advanced)
Barbell Row Did not complete. I didn’t know what the exercise entailed
Dips 3xF Did not try. Too advanced

All in all not a bad start. I need to make improvements though. For example what actually I need to do for the exercises. I had looked up what a barbell row entailed but unfortunately I had forgotten it by the time I made my way to the gym. As far as dips go they are too far advanced for me right now so I will not even try them at this point. I will have to find another exercise as a substitute for now.

Tomorrow is my 2nd trip to the gym. Hopefully things will go smoother.

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