Google’s Chrome Enters the Web Browser Race

I’m sure by now that everybody has heard of Google’s sudden entry into the browser market. This has raised many new questions for Google’s competitors. Will Chrome be able to eat into the marketshare of IE? Will Google continue to support Mozilla? Only time will be able to answer some of these questions.

Chrome has made a good start and has already made an impact in the browser market. I’m sure placing the download link for Chrome at has definately helped boost that number. Things can only go up from here as more and more people hear about this new application and are willing to try it. Offcourse, it also depends what people actually hear. If the consensus is positive more people are likely to adopt it. Unfortunately, Chrome’s reputation has already taken a slight hit with security vulnerabilities already being detected. On the other hand Chrome’s design and features must have caught the eye of many.

One thing that is definately certain with the release of Chrome is that the era of isolated desktop applications is coming to an end. Some of the best programs these days are web based and they work perfectly fine while providing the added functionality of the Internet. Google has designed Chrome to work efficiently with these web applications, taking full advantage of technologies such as Ajax. It will be interesting to see the results when developers start to optimize their applications for Chrome. In fact NetSuite has already done so and the results are apparently very positive.

As many of you must be aware Chrome is an open source browser. This can only have positive implications for the open source culture. When such a well known and respected company like Google releases an application like a web browse and makes it open source it really sends a message to everyone. It is ok for things to be open source. Applications can be open source and still thrive and compete with proprietary software. Firefox has already proven that to us and hopefully Chrome will take it one step further.

I want to leave you with this video titled “The Story Behind Google Chrome”…

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  1. Google chrome is not that good. Sure it’s got some neat features, but the fact that Google owns it, it will *never* have the ability to block ads.
    But as far as speed is concern, chrome is far more away then the other browsers.

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