v1.0 Release Complete

Well this is it guys. My last release for the open source course is finished! It has come at the right time too as this is my 100th blog post. So for this release I ended up doing quite a bit more than I originally planned to. It all kind of became hectic in the end because ted suddenly reviewed my OnScroll patch yesterday, which meant that I immediately had to fix the changes he outlined.

First of all I tackled the files touched patch. Jorendorff has mentioned a few times that it is important to show information in an unobtrusive manner. Now, this wasn’t being accomplished earlier and so I decided to put expand/collapse functionality for the files touched.

Next I tackled a new bug where I only wanted  >5 merges to get expand/collapse functionality. Anything less than that should be left as it is. I’ve got that working now.

As I mentioned earlier, I also tackled the OnScroll patch. Over the course of these last eight months this has been the patch that I’ve worked on the most. In this release I’ve done a major rehaul. The client-side code looks very different now as I had to change it to work with the new hg_templates/pushlog.tmpl. Also, I’ve used a lot of jquery to make the code shorter and simpler. Furthermore, I’ve improved bug functionality even further and got the “To Local” link to work with the new entries that load on scroll. These were the goals that I had originally set out to meet and I’ve accomplished them

Now, as I said earlier ted, djc and Pike all gave me some feedback yesterday regarding my OnScroll patch. Thus, I had to make some last minute changes to my release. First of all I tackled a problem with the server side code that handles merges. Previously I was using a long string delimited by a random separator. Now, I’ve replaced that with a nice and simple dictionary data structure. This took a bit of time as I had to rehaul major parts of my client-side implementation so that it could properly read the data that was now being stored in dictionaries.

Furthermore, I moved all my JavaScript code to an external file since the amount of code was just getting to be too much to handle in script tags. I also changed how I deal with the parity counter and how I retrieve the maximum number of entries in the database. Lastly, I made a change in regards to pushlog queries. Beforehand, my code was causing more entries to load even when a user executed a query. That should not have been happening and now I’ve managed to fix that problem.

The following are the important links from this release:

Finally, the release is done! All the patches have been posted to their respective bug pages. Please view the project page for more information.

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