v0.4 Release Goals

The 0.4 release deadline is approaching fast (next week) and I thought it would be beneficial to come up with a list of goals that I will be attempting to complete. I will be applying further fixes to bug 445560. So, to get to the point straight away the following are my goals:

Optimize the client side code

The goal is to maintain/add functionality but decrease the lines of code. Understanding the current code I have come up with can be confusing. I want to make it more efficient and slim it down a bit. I think I can do this by moving some functionality to functions as some lines of code are being repeated.

Fix the buglink feature

The buglink feature works but there are some bugs strings that it doesn’t pick up. It won’t pick up strings with the patterns “123456″ or “b=123456″. Also if there is more than 1 potential bug link in the string only the very first one is converted into an actual bug link. Case in point below:

Fix the onPageLoad feature

The pushlog should load enough changeset entries onPageLoad so that the vertical scroll bar appears. Now, the problem is that different people use different screen sizes so just loading a static number of items onPageLoad is not enough. The users screen size must be taken into account. Currently, the number of entries are loaded according to the users screen size but I’m getting an unresponsive script error (see below). It does work if the user clicks continue. I want to get rid of this error so that the functionality works smoothly. One foreseeable problem is that I will have a hard time testing this feature since I only have a 15 inch screen.

You can follow my progress on the project’s wiki page.

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