Deciding on v0.1 Release

ETime is expeditiously approaching for me to decide on what I will be doing for my v0.1 release. The deadline is Oct 13th. As I mentioned on a previous post jorendorff had made a great blogpost on my project asking for people to brainstorm ideas to improve hgweb.They have been summarized on the project page. I think most of the ideas on there are not ideal for a v0.1 release. It would be wiser to do something simpler to start off and then go from there.

Before I think about starting on 0.1 I need to setup a development environment for myself. This involves getting gitweb_mozilla, and pushloghtml all installed and working. I have the first two up and running now. As far as pushloghtml goes it is a database. To be frank, I don’t know much about it and I’ll have to query one of the big guys (jorendorff, ted, bsmedberg or djc) for some help. I have gotten a hold of it thanks to ted and aravind. Ted pointed me towards a README file in hgpoller that shows how to get the pushlog working. Basically I have to add a couple of lines to the the .hghgrc file (as I suspected). I tried that but I’m getting the following errors… No module named simplejson No module named pysqlite2

In my email conversations with jorendorff I had asked him for some suggestions as to what I could do for 0.1 and the following is what he recommended…

  • Make pushloghtml show more than 10 entries (try to make it scroll forever)
  • Give large pushes in pushloghtml an expand/collapse button (Pushes can contain many changesets)
  • Make pushloghtml show which files each changeset touched

Now I am at liberty to do anything I want so I had a look at the ideas that jorendorff’s blog generated and the following caught my eye (keep in mind that I don’t know if any of these are too much or too less for a v0.1 release)…

  • Show more info about each changeset in an unobtrusive way (what information? I don’t know)
  • Be able to view more than 10 entries at a time in the changelog

I think out of all the the ideas I have listed I will most probably will be taking on the task of making pushloghtml show more than 10 entries. It seems quite straightforward although keep in mind this is coming from someone who isn’t quite familiar with the source code yet. Basically my tasks are

  • to get pushloghtml working on my machine
  • to locate the source files that dictate the amount of pushlog entries that get displayed and then alter it to display more entries.
  • to release v0.1 on time

EDIT: I asked humph to read this post and ok my v0.1 release agenda. He recommended that I take on both the tasks of allowing more than 10 entries for pushloghtml and adding an expand/collapse feature since they seem to go together. So there we go my list is final for v0.1 release…

  • to get pushloghtml working on my machine (some progress made on this part)
  • to locate the source files that dictate the amount of pushlog entries that get displayed and then alter it to display more entries
  • to add code that allows expand/collapse functionality (apparently all I need is a js lib according to humph)
  • to release v0.1 on time

Lots of work ahead!

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