Bugzilla – Watch a User Feature

As a part of an exercise humph asked us to fiddle around with bugzilla. In this case, watch another user. Now what does that mean? That means that any bugmail that the user you are tracking receives will get forwarded to you. You can set this by

  1. going to bugzilla
  2. logging in
  3. going to preferences
  4. adding a person to your watch list.

This basically gives you an idea of what kind and amount of bugmail that that person receives. It puts you in their shoes.

I decided to track bsmedberg since he seems to be a busy man. So I “watched” him for about a week and got around 70 bugmail during that time. Thats quite a lot of traffic for just one week. It definitely gives me an idea of the amount of work bsmedberg has to deal with on a weekly basis, and this is just email.

This bugzilla feature gives me an idea of how someone like bsmedberg (someone that has a more important presence in the Mozilla community than myself) deals with the various kinds of bugs that he recieves on a regular basis. I’d recommend this feature to any novice or beginner looking to get involved with tracking or fixing bugs.

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4 Responses to Bugzilla – Watch a User Feature

  1. Dave Miller says:

    Heh, only 70 in a week? Must have been a slow week. I’m lucky if I get that few in 2 days. :)

  2. Sid says:

    Wow, you get more than 70 in 2 days? I have more respect for all you guys

  3. Dave Miller says:

    I think a lot of the mail I get is actually generated by watching other people though. I’m in the IT department at Mozilla, and I watch most of my coworkers so I can keep up on what’s going on in IT, and I also watch the “default QA” on the Bugzilla product.

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