v0.6 Release – Minor fix for bug 445560

All the way back in November 2008 I had put out a patch to implement expand and collapse functionality (for merge changesets) for the pushlog. I had gotten an r+ review but I just needed to make some minor adjustments to the patch. Time went on and I totally forgot about implementing that minor fix. I was looking through some of my previous work and then I realized that I had forgotten about this.

The change is pretty simple but important. I just have to use proper naming conventions for variable names, which I wasn’t doing before. This might be the type of thing that is easily overlooked, I was guilty of that myself but it is important that we abide by naming conventions. Why? So that the code is readable when other people inevitably come along to change/read it.

In hgpoller/pushlogfeed.py I changed “Id” to “id” as all other variable names are non-capitalized:

 entry = {"author": ctx.user(),
       "desc": ctx.description(),
       "files": web.listfilediffs(tmpl, ctx.files(), n),
       "rev": ctx.rev(),
       "node": hex(n),
       "tags": nodetagsdict(web.repo, n),
       "branches": nodebranchdict(web.repo, ctx),
       "inbranch": nodeinbranch(web.repo, ctx),
       "hidden": "",
       "push": [],
       "mergerollup": [],
       "id": id

In hg_templates/pushlog.tmpl I changed id to pushid to make it more clearer:

var pushid = $(this).attr("class");
pushid = '.' + pushid.substring(11, pushid.length);
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