v0.6 Release Goals

It’s time to start working on my 3rd release for this semester. My goal is to put out 3 patches this time around:

These 3 patches should combine to make a good solid release. These are 3 seperate improvements to hgweb that I’m sure users must be looking forward to having. I’m not quite sure what changes have been made to pushlogfeed.py causing it to bitrot. The solution to the problem may be simple or it may be complicated. I was under the impression that no changes needed to be made but new code has been added causing my code to break. Another exciting prospect is that I’ll have my name added to the Mercurial Project once I implement the annotate fix for the paper theme making my work available to all hgweb users.

I’ll be putting all the details of my work on the project page and this blog. Time to get to work!

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