v0.6 Release Complete

I’m finally done with my v0.6 release. This time around I’ve managed to put out a total of 5 patches for 3 bugs. The patch fix for bug 445560 was minor but needed. The second patch was for the Mercurial Project to fix hg annotate for their paper theme. This is my first contribution to the Mercurial project which will hopefully give all mercurial users access to a better hg annotate. The third patch was for bug 459727 to fix the bitrotting issue.

I have to say that I was able to get these patches working without much trouble which isn’t normally the case. I’m happy to say that I was more efficient in my work this time around. The only furstrating problem I had with this release was indenting issues when creating patches. I had to tinker with the patches quite a few times to get the indenting right. Nonetheless, another release is complete, the following are the important links:

All the patches have been posted . Please view the project page for more details.
Note: I’m having a bit of trouble emailing the patch for the paper theme using Mercurial’s patchbomb extension. The patch will be emailed tomorrow but for convenience the patch can be found on the project page

EDIT: The patch for the paper theme has been sent to the Mercurial developer’s mailing list.

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