v0.4 Release – Merge Changesets Background Color Problems

I was testing bug 459727 again today and looks like there is a major problem that I didn’t notice before. Have a look at the screen shot below. Notice the problem?

No? Let me tell you then. The problem is that the grey rows and the white rows are not alternating properly. Also sometimes the email and date column are appearing at the bottom of the row instead of at the top. Why is that happening? Well, after reaching the point of being able to see the pushlog when I close my eyes I figured it out. I noticed that no merge changesets have grey backgrounds. That is why sometimes the text of the email and date column appears to be at the bottom of the row.

I had a look at how I was setting the background color of merge rows. I was using the following code:

var trScrollMerge = document.createElement("tr");
trScrollMerge.style.backgroundColor = trScroll.style.backgroundColor;

I commented it out and tested the pushlog again and found that there was no difference which means that the above code was doing nothing. To fix this issue I inserted the following code in its place:

var trScrollMerge = document.createElement("tr");
trScrollMerge.className = trScroll.className;

The above code gives me the following result which solves the issue:

This is another another bug fix that I can add to my v0.4 release.

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