v0.3 Release – A Problem with Getting data for the Graph View

hgweb has a graph function found in mercurial/hgweb/webcommands.py which returns a template. It also returns a variable called jsdata which contains all information that I want to display on the page along with the graph. Now, my problem was that I wasn’t quite understanding how I can could call graph() so that I could pass the data it returns to the client side.Should I have a new template or can I pass the data to an existing template.

For the longest time I was stumped on this issue. I didn’t understand whether I should be calling this function in my python code or could I call it on the client side using JavaScript? Did I have to play around with the template’s map file? I guess my lack of experience working with web applications that use templates and themes was rearing its ugly head. I was stumped!

I tried various methods via trial and error to see if I could figure it out but all in vain. Eventually I decided it was time for some help. I asked djc who told me that I would have to create a new template file which gets its data from the graph function in webcommands.py . But I still didn’t get how to actually pass the data to the client side.

So, I decided to ask for help in freenode’s mercurial channel. There, Brendan was able to point out that all I needed to do was add the following to hg_templates/gitweb_mozilla/map…

graph = graph.tmpl

The answer was staring me right in the face all along. I had glanced over this line many times while trying to figure out how this works but I guess I just didn’t realize that this is how you create a new tmpl file. Now I can access jsdata by adding {jsdata|json} in my template file.

Now I can actually start working on rendering the graph on the client side.

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