v0.2 Release – Concerning the Chronological Order for bug 459727

Currently the pushlog loads entries in reverse chronological order (the latest entries are shown on top instead of on the bottom). I want to maintain this functionality for the new entries that are loaded OnScroll. For my current implementation this is not occurring. Have a look at this example: http://sidkalra.com/files/mercurial/improvedPushlog2.png

Examine the date of the last entry before new items are loaded (Mon Sept 29 17:20:28 2008 – 0400) and then have a look at the date of the first new entry (Fri May 02 14:38:33 2008 – 0400). Even though this is reverse chronological order it is not correct since all the entries between May 02 and Sept 29 are missing.

Currently to load more entries OnScroll I am using a script that returns all the data I need. This script takes in two values, startID and endID. So this is what I’m doing currently:

  1. On first scroll: startID = 0, endID = 20
  2. On second scroll: startID = 21, endID = 40
  3. On third scroll: startID = 41, endID = 60
  4. and so on…

This obviously isn’t getting me the right data. I don’t understand which startID and endID I should start with. Having the startID = 0 obviously isn’t working. I’m kind of stuck on this issue.

From what I understand, the whole point of this feature is to mirror the functionality of pressing the Next link. When a user scrolls to the bottom of the page, the new entries should be identical to the entries that appear if one were to click on the next link.

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